Adré’s food journey took off in 2015 after graduating from London’s Leiths School of Food & Wine.

In 2016 the King family decided to swap London City life for that of Cape Town, embarking on an epic road trip of food discovery that would see Adré connect with local producers, country cooks and restaurant chefs across Europe. This once in a lifetime food experience of harvesting, foraging, pressing olive oil, tasting, cooking and eating her way through Europe, while building the most amazing food memories with her family, is what inspired Adré’s Kitchen.

Bringing wholesome handmade food into the kitchens of busy people was at the heart of Adré’s Kitchen, allowing Adré to put her signature on healthy, convenient and natural food. Adré’s Kitchen is a reflection of how she eats and cooks at home, with a strong focus on wholesome and seasonal wholefoods. After running a commercial kitchen for 3 years, it was completely natural that the next step would be for her to move towards her happy place - the home kitchen, by expanding into teaching the busy home cook to cook from scratch. The focus has always remained on seasonal ingredients and a journey with whole foods while Adré helps to inspire people towards a more natural way to buy, cook and eat food.


My ethos has always been that the best seasonal ingredients need very little done to them. Simple seasonal recipes are at the heart of what I love to cook and eat.

I feel it is now more important than ever to know exactly what goes into our food and ultimately our bodies. By buying whole vegetables, preferably organic and cooking your own food from scratch is the only way you will really know what is in your food.

Today, where you buy your food is just as important as what you buy, I believe you vote with your fork daily and I choose to buy from small local producers and farmers, seasonal food that is lovingly grown or made with minimal chemicals as well as a low environmental impact.

I dont want perfectly grown and packaged veg, rather give me the wonky, the dirty and the full of flavour.

My hope is that I can inspire you, through my recipes and workshops, to start changing your cooking and buying habits one carrot at a time and see how you and your food transform.

Find Adré's Roast Butternut, Goats Cheese and Caramalised Fennel Tart in Recipes.