I have no idea what first drew me in - I’ve always loved the water but definitely not at temperatures below the mid 20s and certainly not the icy cold Atlantic! I’m also always the first in line to try a new “fad” and when Gwyneth endorses it there’s no turning back!

I even went as far as to gift my husband a Wim Hof workshop as an anniversary present, but merely a secret ploy to test the waters myself. It certainly made sense to me, but there was no way you would get me to dip my big toe into that icy cold water! Living next to the Atlantic ocean for the past ten years I’ve probably only ever done it on a dare (and usually on New Year’s Day) or to rescue a frisbee. Did I mention the 20m pool in my backyard? Another body of water I easily walk away from if the thermometer does not read ‘lukewarm’.

What I do know is I’ve been swimming most days for the past month, and have now consistently made a point of getting in the water every day over the last ten days. I have connected with people - old friends and new - and I have felt a focused and clear state of mind and a general sense of fulfilment emanate through Cold Water Immersion (CWI).

According to google CWI boosts your immune system, gives you a natural high, improves circulation, increases your libido, burns calories, reduces stress, and is a great way of socialising and making new friends.

All I can say is that it has ignited a need to be in the water, a place where everything else disappears, there is a weightlessness of body soul and mind - a place where anxiety, sadness, muscle pain, the onset of menopause + weight gain don’t exist. I am now part of a WhatsApp group of five that serves as a notification of conditions in the hood and a see-you-if-I-see-you, but when we do it’s a “raft” (also the collective noun for a group of penguins in the water) of support in so many ways.

I’ve always been in search of that connection between mind and body, never quite feeling that they coincide, but I’m slowly starting to feel that connection and google might actually be right! Oh, and my lips are sealed on libido. A girl doesn’t kiss and tell. Go on, dive in Liefies, I promise you won’t regret it.