Ark Workshop

Ark Workshop is a South African family business with a love for working with wood.  Imari and Pieter are passionate about their craft and see it as a dying art form, this is their way to preserve and pass on their craft to the next generation.  ARK Workshop manufactures a range of high quality, handcrafted homeware and furniture. Each piece is unique, reflecting the natural beauty and distinct character of the wood grain. They are a family of craftsmen. They believe furniture should last a lifetime. “We want our grandkids to one day treasure it and tell the stories that come with it. Making memories is just easier with a purposeful space”.

ARK WORKSHOP's emphasis is on creating timeless, well-crafted pieces with clean lines and quality craftsmanship.

“Our homeware range is inspired by our love of having friends and family over to share our space. Take time... time to invite friends over for dinner, time to cook with love, time to enjoy the moment”.