Freya Hats

Greg and Steff are both passionate about living a life that is as sustainable as possible. They do this through their lifestyle as well as through Freya Hats, by creating beautiful pieces of fashion, that are as sustainable as possible. Steff started Freya Hats as a way to raise money for women and children in need, and this remains at the core of their business. Steff started her career as a teacher, so empowering people has always been a passion, and this is yet another avenue for her to do so. On top of this, she has a fashion qualification from Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design and currently writes for various sustainable fashion publications. 

Greg works in sales and marketing for a consumer goods company, so Freya Hats is a brilliant outlet that allows him to be creative and have a positive impact on the world. He loves travelling, spending time outdoors, cooking, and being with friends.

Together, they love to travel, explore and spend time with all of the important people in their lives. 

A portion of all profits go to support women and children in need, and Freya have done a collaboration with CORA where 100% of profits goes towards fighting period poverty in South Africa. Sustainability comes in different forms, and some of the ways they try to be sustainable are: by using fabrics that would have otherwise been wasted, using fabrics made of natural fibres, producing their hats locally, packaging in bags made from excess fabric, shipping in cardboard or compostable packaging, and producing in small batches.

Freya Hats started as a passion project and has turned into so much more. Greg and Steff aim to keep their core principles strong as they grow and develop their brand further.