Kudu Cosmetica

The natural skincare brand, Kudu Cosmetica produces a range of eco-conscious safe and effective solutions for healthy, happy skin.

Angelica founded the company 3 years ago to create clean, safe and effective products that are natural, gentle and kind to your skin.

Originally from Stockholm, Angelica headed south for the shores of the Cape where she developed the brand who remain dedicated to the ethical and sustainable production of high quality skincare.

Our products are handcrafted in micro-batches to ensure quality, freshness and purity to provide superior bio-active skincare. Kudu' s products are pure, clean and free from harmful chemicals.There are no artificial fragrances and unnecessary additives to be found in our range.

We only use biodegradable ingredients in our formulations. Natural, gentle and kind to your skin, Kudu’s products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind. ‘Less is more’, we combine all the best ingredients with none of the harsh additives for healthy, happy skin. The botanical extracts we use in our range contain naturally high levels of antioxidants and vital nutrients, essential for skin cell function and regeneration. We do not compromise on the quality of our products, using the best plant-based and laboratory made ingredients. Our formulations are based on scientific research.

We use naturally derived ingredients from certified organic, ethically wild-crafted or bio-dynamic origins. We source organic and Fair Trade products wherever possible.

Our products are made fresh - to order. In this way we control the production so that the ingredients we use are exceptionally fresh in their purest most potent bio-active form. We don't outsource to third party manufacturers, you order - we produce. 

Kudu, our name and brand inspired by the majestic antelope, a kind, gentle and beautiful creature, like the Kudu we intend to do no harm when creating our products. Rather we aim to create and deliver high quality natural products with only gentle ingredients for balanced beautiful skin.