Meet Siri Hills, the owner and master leather craftswoman of Acorn Leather - boasting a 20 year career as an international decor and advertising stylist, by necessity her job required her to follow trends and fads that dominate for a season and then fade into nothingness. But through this Siri developed a deep craving for long lasting items that improve with age and led her to the path she is on and the beautifully crafted leather products we now get to experience at her hands. 

Siri believes in a simple, honest approach to design, where quality and utility are effortlessly combined, and she dreamed of designing and making her own collection of products : products that reflect her ethics, feel true to her values, and harmonise with her need to walk softly on the planet.

 ‘Acorn is the honouring of that longing ; a collection of timeless leather products that celebrate functional design and handcrafted techniques made by me from start to finish. My pieces are stylish, graceful and clean, with form arising out of the item’s individual function rather than being dictated by decoration or embellishment. These are everyday classics, designed to grow in individual character as they mellow and soften with age.

“Confidently understated. Consciously created. Deliberately simple"