Our 100% cotton facecloths are made by Nanas.  Read the heartwarming story of how Nanas began as told by founder Ananja Theunissen. I have always had a passion for helping others to live fully and to have something they can be excited and passionate about. Similarly, I have always been in pursuit of all things beautiful, and this has in essence driven me to continuously design and create items. Nanas Babywear was one of the ideas that have been growing and evolving in my heart for a long time, and it can be traced back to the early years of my childhood:

As a young girl, my mother taught me how to knit, just as my grandmother taught her many years ago. My grandmother knitted clothes for my sister and I throughout the years, and we loved it. As I grew older I started pursuing other forms of creativity, and it was only recently that I rediscovered my love for knitting and sewing. It was my mother who at the end of 2017 pushed me to pursue this dream and make it a reality.

We worked very hard for three months, creating and designing clothes and patterns for the knitwear. There was so much more to knitting than I thought and it was during this time that I gained a lot of respect for so many grannies that made knitting seem so effortless.  After accumulating a fair amount of designs and examples of clothes, we felt were authentic to our brand, we approached a group of grannies and asked if they would like to be a part of our idea. They agreed and have been creating and working very hard ever since. The rest as they like to say, is history, and although our brand is still very young we have been growing like our little clients from day to day, and we hope to grow old with them.  

Our brand’s philosophy is to constantly be authentic. We want to stay on top of the latest fashion trends but still have both our own personal, and the nostalgic touch of the grannies.


We aim to honour and learn from them by showcasing the skills they have acquired over the years while offering them a chance to once again regain purpose. Our values are to create honest and dependable products by helping and establishing a well- deserved respect for the quality of hand-made products of the grannies. And of course, we want to help the grannies that do not necessarily have any form of a salary, the injustice of the policy of not hiring because of a certain age also leads to a certain helplessness. My opinion is that the opposite of this should be happening, we should be learning and appreciating the skills and knowledge of the elderly rather than thinking they are not capable anymore. We aim to do exactly this with our brand, giving them the necessary tools to coordinate their everyday lives in such a way that they don’t have to feel helpless or without purpose.

It is very humbling to be reminded of your local community and how it can be so beautiful to connect with people that are a part of it, be it the grannies that help us and how that leads to knowing someone and their story better, or be it a mom buying a sweater for her first born. It is so easy to think that it will be too much of an effort to be more involved and to in some way make a difference, but that is where we are wrong. It only takes a thought or a gesture showing that you care and want to change the current situation to get the ball rolling. At the end of the day, we all want to feel that we are a part of something bigger and that we can leave this earth knowing that we have done something that changed someone’s life, even if it was only one person. We saw something that needed to change and although it may seem small to some, it has already made a big difference in the grannies’ lives, and because of that also ours.