Rise up with the light of day, warm weather is on its way.  Visualise your best Spring self and imagine yourself reborn.  What do you want to shed, what do you want to embody? Set your intention for your most radiant being.  The season of new beginnings is here.  This is your time to shine.  Start by giving thanks. Say it loud and mean it.  There's power in your voice. Then, ask the universe for support.  What do you want or need today? Ask for it and know that it is yours. Get on your mat or your chair, tune in and turn yourself over to a few minutes of deep breathing followed by 20 mins of meditation. Let yourself go deep.  Feel the energy rise. Serve yourself a big glass of water, add fresh lemon and drain up.  Welcome the day.

Find your journal and find your centre.  Write it down.  Anything and everything that comes to mind.  Don't edit, don't judge. Just write.

Get outside. Get your sweat on. Walk, run, jump and engage with the power of your body. Find your edge.

Shower and give yourself a dose of cold water therapy and a have a nourishing plant based meal. Indulge in a day of self love.  Dry brushing, baths and replenishing masks electrify in every way.  Radiate.  Listen to music, open a book and let yourself be inspired.  Creativity cures.  Feed your brain. 

Stand in the light.  Engage your mind and body.  They work better together.  Goodnight kisses all around.  Love abounds when deep health thrives.

Thank the day for all it has offered.

Tomorrow will shine.