WECK Juice + Mold Jars

R 120 R 150

WECK Jars are high-quality glass jars crafted to help make our lives easier and more sustainable. While crafted for canning, WECK jars make the perfect compliment to a more sustainable home and great for storage of all kinds. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. Mold Jars are freezer safe when using the keep fresh covers (sold separately).

Mold Jar Height: 4 1/8″ Opening: 3 7/8″ Volume: 580ml

Mold Jar Height: 5 3/4″ Opening: 3 7/8″ Volume: 850ml

Mold Jar Height: 2 5/8″ Opening: 3 7/8″ Volume: 370ml

Juice Jar Height: 9 3/4″ Opening: 2 3/8″ Volume: 1L

How to use: To open, remove the clamps, glass lid and rubber gasket. To seal, place the rubber gasket on the bottom side of the glass lid, press on top of the jar, use the clamps to seal shut. 

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