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HEMLS TEMPT olive oil is consciously produced with hand-picked Mission and Frantoio olives, blushed under the flowing Cape sun.  Harvested early by our resident miller, ensuing a high polyphenol count, this heavenly blend is loaded with anti-oxidants.

It is a unique blend 100% extra virgin olive oil for zeal and oomph, grown from the soil of the Western Cape.

The spicy and leafy taste profile makes it perfect to indulge with kale and grilled peach salads, peppery rocket and parmesan, or heirloom summer tomatoes.  Use it to dip with crusty ciabatta or upgrade our dressings and marinades.  Be extra and drizzle over sorbet or vanilla bean ice cream.

 Origin: Tulbagh

Quantity: 500ml

Harvest: 2020

Production: Cold Extracted

Smoke Point: 210 C

Peroxide Value: 11.0 meq/kg

Polyphenols: >350 mg/kg

Fatty Acids: 0.14%

Production: 500L

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